A Story About Sunk Costs,Supersonic Planes, And SweatyArmpits

75 top notch speakers who master the art of engaging their audience. Each and every one of them covers a topic that is extremely relevant for today’s world we live in. Never underestimate the power of a training. They enhance employee performance, boost employee productivity, reduce employee turnover, and improve company culture.

  1. Customers share their success with our platform
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1.Customers share their success with our platform

Your platform is great but the best part of my experience was the incredible customer service. the team that was helping us during our event were always available and helpful to us during the whole event.”

2.Great example of: Copy that underscores the event’s value

Try to center your website around your event value proposition so everything from the layout to the copy is emphasizing the event’s benefits for attendees.

3.You feel inspired and want to take the next step?

Since 2011, our award-winning event has been welcoming product people from across the globe to join us in Birmingham for a day of talks, actionable insights and stories from some of the brightest minds in digital product

Sometimes it doesn’t have to be too serious. That’s why we also provide teambuildings with a twist. They promote team dynamics and are memorable, every time.

Great example of: Interactive design

This scroll-triggered, interactive page is so fun, I scrolled it a few times. As you move down the page, you’re introduced to new information about the conference, with fun, unique design elements, like the “Stay Home and Level Up” image to the right of the first Conference box. Best of all, the page is incredibly simple, with plenty of blue space on either side.

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